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Our Kitchen Journey

Commercial kitchen dreams...

From the inception of Sutter Produce Co, the dream of having a commercial kitchen was there. Over the years different possibilities were studied, but none seemed within reach. Along the way, unbeknownst to us, many different aspects of the future kitchen fell into place. We did not realize how the pieces were coming together until we were ready to proceed with the project. We believe this was not a coincidence, but rather part of His plan ✝, and His timeline✝. Finally, beginning in October 2018, a business plan was developed and submitted for the Hancock County (Illinois) Economic Development Corporation's Business Plan Grant. I was blessed to be one of two grant recipients for 2019. This, along with some savings and a USDA Farm Service Agency Small Farm Micro-loan, meant the kitchen was becoming a reality!


2019 was a whirlwind of activity. The grant was awarded on March 2 and work began immediately. A 30 year old single wide mobile home was purchased, set on a foundation, remodeled, and transformed into a working commercial kitchen. All the while, gardens were planted, jams were made in my home kitchen, and farmers markets were attended. On October 13 the kitchen was officially ready and an open house was celebrated!

March 2 - October 13, 2019

kitchen 31.jpg
kitchen 30.jpg
kitchen 28.jpg
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