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   Sutter Produce Co  

Providing homegrown and homemade goodness since 2006.


Julie and Ron Knoche  married in 2004 and moved their blended family into their newly acquired historic c.1865 farmhouse. Julie, having been raised on a small family farm, and Ron, a life long farmer/farmworker, both enjoyed living in an historic old farmstead. The following year the first small garden was planted to help with family grocery bills. Ron said "that garden is awfully big", however he soon declared that it wasn't nearly big enough. Following the success of that first garden, Sutter Produce Co was founded in 2006 and grew steadily to where it is today. Today we are proud to offer our high quality, locally made jams & jellies to you, our valued customers

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 A little over 100 years ago, a couple of the Boedeker boys carved their initials just inside the barn door. The Boedeker family, the builders of our home, made a lasting impact on the Sutter community. We hope, perhaps 100 years from now, the same could be said of us.

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